Draghi in Libia, c’è voglia di futuro. Essenziale garantire il “cessate il fuoco”

  • RebHarms
    Hard truth for EU and especially for Germany 🇩🇪 and France 🇫🇷 👇

    The ocean can offer a source of treatment for some of the world’s worst diseases.

    EU co-funded project #Sea4us 🇵🇹…

  • CarloCalenda
    In altre parole la lealtà al partito viene prima di quella verso i cittadini elettori? Ancora, rispetto a Renzi, so…

  • RebHarms
    Big brother reloaded. #Orban #Hungary

  • CarloCalenda
    Hai ragione. Bisogna intendersi sul concetto di trasformismo. È trasformismo fare una campagna elettorale dicendo “…

    🇪🇺 Save the date!

    @EESC_TEN, @EESC_NAT & @EESC_SOC organise a major online conference on:

    #EnergyPoverty at the c…

  • EU_ENV
    RT @IPBES: 🍄@IPBES assessment of the #SustainableUse of wild #species🌿🍏

    ✍️The 2nd external review of the chapters & the 1st external revie…

  • EU_ENV
    RT @UNBiodiversity: The @IPBES #PandemicsReport shows that the same human activities driving #biodiversity loss and #ClimateChange are also…

  • guyverhofstadt
    Scandalous… Any excuses Orbán ever had on Central European University have now been shown to be just that: excuse…

  • EU_opendata
    RT @ICES_ASC: Please RT! 👉We have a VACANCY for a #data programmer in our Secretariat team in Copenhagen supporting a number of key develop…

  • RebHarms
    Guten Morgen. Und zurück auf Los.

  • CSpillmann
    RT @Le_Figaro: Les réseaux sociaux se déchaînent sur la crasse et l’enlaidissement de Paris

  • CSpillmann
    RT @AbasAslani: #Iran has produced 55 kg of 20% enriched uranium, says spokesman of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran adding “we have almo…

  • helenadalli
    Discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics or other factors can severely impact access to #healthcare.…

  • US2EU
    Today is #WorldHealthDay! #COVID-19 has hit all countries hard, but its impact has been harshest on those communit…

  • eu_eeas
    Health for all is the only way forward. We’re committed to #BuildBackBetter towards a more healthy and equal world…

  • RenewEurope
    The #COVID19 crisis has revealed the fragility of the EU in terms of public health.

    On today’s #WorldHealthDay, we…

  • CSpillmann
    L’hiver s’est installé a #Bruxelles et les piafs en perdent leur latin

  • CSpillmann
    Goujat, mufle ? @vonderleyen a été soufflée par le coup du sofa de @RTErdogan et @eucopresident n’a pas bronché.…

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    Draghi in Libia, obiettivo ritorno leadership Italia

    L’Italia alla guida del G20 con lungimiranza: i passi da compiere per una risposta economica vincente, globale ed inclusiva