Alta tensione tra Italia e Russia: arresti ed espulsioni per spionaggio militare

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    RT @mattino5: “Non dobbiamo demonizzare la voglia di tornare a fare le cose insieme, però bisogna rispettare le regole”

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    Join us in building the foundations of an inclusive, sustainable and accessible European architecture together.


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    In breve: le notizie in evidenza oggi. 👇
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    RT @ProSyn: Whereas #China once competed with the West over legacy industries, it is now seeking dominance of cutting-edge sectors, implyin…

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    Encore une belle journée de printemps ☀️😊 #météo #printemps #COVID19

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    RT @Doppelgeist60: Weil gerade viel über Bidens Infrastrukturpaket diskutiert wird – kleine Illustration vor meinem Fenster.…

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    RT @UNBiodiversity: Protecting pollinators is essential for #FoodSecurity — now and in the future.


    @FAO explains how pollinator…

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    RT @NGFS_: The Dashboard on scaling up green finance is a first attempt to catalogue desirable series that allow the evolution, change and…

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    RT @NGFS_: Today, the @NGFS_ released an overview of sustainable finance market dynamics along with a dashboard on scaling up green finance…

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    🇳🇱 #Europe’s Future – A New Hope | The Hague 🇳🇱
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    It’s time to #ResetEU.


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    🗓️TODAY | 19:30 CET🕰️

    🇳🇱 #Europe’s Future – A New Hope | The Hague 🇳🇱
    Join us as we lay bare a bold alternative fo…

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    Thread. During the last days of March 2021 along frontlines of Russia’s war against Ukraine 👇

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    RT @giuslit: Dice il ministro Franco che #leuropa col #recoveryfund non regala niente.
    Da aprile 2020, io ho già consumato polpastrelli e t…

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    RT @defis_eu: We wish Commissioner @SKyriakidesEU and all our friends, colleagues and followers from #Cyprus a happy National Day!


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    RT @LIFEprogramme: It’s a new day, it’s a new #LIFEprogramme! 💚💙

    🧳As we unpack, we have special something for you to kick off our adventur…

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    Senza la collaborazione tra #UE e mondo delle #imprese sarà davvero difficile raggiungere gli obiettivi del Patto V…

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    RT @TatAtfender: Russia-occupied Crimea, March 30

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    Lane: Offsetting the negative shock to inflation is only the first stage of the monetary policy challenge. Even aft…

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    Lane: The increase in inflation during 2021 can be best interpreted as the unwinding of disinflationary forces that…

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    (THREAD) The recent volatility of inflation can be largely attributed to the nature of the pandemic shock, writes C…

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    Covid: ok unanime Aula Senato a ddl avvocati, 231 sì

    Il lavoro sulla “Bussola strategica” per la difesa UE procede, “se gli Stati non la fermeranno”